In many parts of India, the birth of a girl child is not welcomed. Right from her arrival, she faces discrimination, humiliation, and oppression at every stage of life. When it comes to healthcare, education and growth opportunities, she is neglected because of her gender. Some manage to survive and foster new paths to follow. Most, however, surrender hopelessly to the sad fate assigned to them.

We want to be part of a world where girls are celebrated. Where they are treated equally, with love and respect. What is urgently required in society today is a change of attitude. Girls must be given the same opportunities and protection as boys, and must be treated at par. A girl’s childhood can and must be preserved, cherished, nurtured and protected. Because she has the right to survive, develop, be protected and participate in decisions that impact her life.

Umaid Seva Sansthan’s fight for the girl child in India include:​

Umaid Seva Sansthan With the inspiration of founder Bhabhut Singh and his wife Umaid Kunwar, a Samiti of the Titardi Panchayat, located in Udaipur city, a campaign has been started by their children through which girls born in Titardi Panchayat in any society for the next five years. At birth, a sum of Rs 5001 will be presented to his family as a gift, along with a tree and a tree guard will also be given as his child so that the daughter can save the daughter’s teachings and also save the environment. Will be able to On Sunday, the campaign was launched by the Leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria from the Ambamata temple in Titardi. Giving information about the campaign after the inauguration of the campaign, Rajendra Singh Sisodia said that this campaign has been started in collaboration with Hamer Singh and Rupendra Singh with the inspiration of his parents Bhabhut Singh Sisodia and Umaid Kunwar.

Under the scheme, five daughters born in the village today, 18-07-2020, were given door-to-door with an FD of Rs 5001 / - and a plant tree tree. Under the worldwide epidemic Corona, masks were distributed to all members of the five families. The names of all the five daughters are as follows-

1. Dikshita Meghwal
2. Janvi Nagda
3. Samayara Harkavat
4. Dikshita Ameta
5. Nishtha Meghwal

Padma Shri awardee Shyam Sunder Paliwal

Under the aegis of Umaid Seva Sansthan, Padmashree Shyamsunder Paliwal was honored at the Institute office on Saturday. On this occasion, after worshiping 11 girls and their parents, each girl was presented with an FD of Rs 5001 from the institute. Institute secretary Rajendra Singh Sisodia said that the institute president Bhabhut Singh Sisodia honored Paliwal by presenting him garland, turban and memento. Padmashree Paliwal worshiped the girls and their parents born in Titardi Gram Panchayat and presented FD of 5001, a sapling my tree guard to each girl on behalf of the institute. Institute secretary Rajendra Singh Sisodia proposed the vote of thanks to the visiting guests.

Padma Shri awardee Shyam Sunder Paliwal

Under the aegis of Umaid Seva Sansthan, Padmashree Raghuveer Singh Sirohi handed over FD of five thousand each to 11 girls and a sapling on Friday. Secretary of the institute Rajendra Singh Sisodia said that under the resolution of the institute to give FD of five thousand to the girl child born in the area, on Friday, 11 girls were given FD of five thousand five thousand at the hands of Padmashree Raghuveer Singh Sirohi. A plant was presented. At the beginning of the program, Raghuveer Singh Sirohi was garlanded by the Institute President, Bhabhut Singh and welcomed him wearing a turban. Later Raghuveer Singh Sirohi garlanded the life size statue of Thakur Kushal Singh ji installed in the institute. Institute secretary Rajendra Singh Sisodia informed them about the service work being done by the institute and told about the work done during the year. Bharatbhanu Singh Deora, Fateh Singh Deora, Aunar Singh Sisodia, Ram Singh Sisodia, Prem Singh, Madhav Singh, Chetan Singh Deora, Prem Gameti etc. were present on this occasion.

BJP Mahila Morcha National Vice President Neha Joshi distributed FD by worshiping the girl.

Udaipur (Hello Rajasthan Patrika). Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha National Vice President Neha Joshi and State Vice President Shivangi Kanawat were on a visit to Udaipur today, during which Titardi BJP workers and Umaid Seva Sansthan office bearers warmly greeted the National Vice President and State Vice President in the premises of Umaid Seva Sansthan at Titardi in the city. Welcoming 11 girls on behalf of Umaid Seva Sansthan during the program? 5001 FD was also distributed in which National Vice President Neha Joshi and State Vice President Shivangi Kanawat distributed the FD after worshiping the girls. During the program, National Vice President Mahila Morcha Neha Joshi while praising the work of Udemy Seva Sansthan said that on the birth of a girl child? Umaid Seva Sansthan is promoting development by giving 5001 financial assistance, this effort will prove to be a milestone in the message of save daughter. Lalit Singh Sisodia BJP Former District Minister Shyamsunder Suthar Dehat Yuva Morcha General Secretary Yashwant Purohit Jitendra Singh Shaktawat Umaid Seva Sansthan secretary Rajendra Singh Sisodia Ashok Nagda, former Sarpanch Pemaram and many senior BJP officials were present.